A healthy back at work

Active breaks at the individual work stations

Meffert AG is extending their workplace health promotion (WHP) program at the headquarters in Bad Kreuznach. All staff members are granted health advice by Simone Bopp, a certified physical education instructor. Backache is the number one issue, says Ms Bopp. Lack of exercise or one-sided strain have a negative impact on back muscles and spine, and can result in backache and muscular tension. In one-on-one coachings the employees are given and explained exercises to relieve muscular tension resulting from repetitive, unilateral strain. Entire departments work out together in active breaks. The WHP program of Meffert AG aims at a healthy workflow and stimulates health-conscious behaviour of the employees. Hence staff members are given personal training schedules for home use as well as advice for a healthy diet and lifestyle.

New course offer: “Meffert Rückenfitness”. This course takes place once a week for 10 weeks and helps strengthen, stabilize and stretch muscles in order to prevent or relieve backache.