• Walter Brusius und Steffi Meffert vor dem neu gestalteten Wandbild, welches den Eingang in das neue Gebäude GT9 schmückt.

    Walter Brusius and Steffi Meffert in front of the large-format and colourful wall painting that the artist from Bad Kreuznach realised in the entrance hall of the company building GT9.


Artist Walter Brusius decorates Meffert entrance hall

The world centred in the family

At the request of Klaus and Steffi Meffert, the artist Walter Brusius (72) embellished the entrance area of Meffert AG Farbwerke's new company building GT9. The entrepreneur couple has been following and appreciating the artistic work of this Bad Kreuznach-based painter since 1980.

After Brusius and Steffi Meffert had agreed on the style and design of his work during a visit by her to his studio, it took him three weeks to realise his large-format painting in the light-flooded entrance hall. From now on, the wall painting will welcome visitors in a friendly manner and is intended to have an inviting effect on them.

The colourful gradient of the wall painting stands for the theme "Meffert AG brings colours into the world" and serves Brusius as a lyrical-poetic background melody. Above this are black contours symbolising that the world is centred in the family, expressed by lovers, children playing and a house. The artist thus refers to the traditional family business and its customers. The base of the painting is a golden surface, which stands for the success of the company. In its centre floats the red ribbon of love. This red is also Meffert AG's corporate colour.

Steffi Meffert thanked the artist for the successful realisation of his design. Walter Brusius considered it a "special gift" to be able to design such a large work at the age of 72. "This was a challenge for me that I gladly accepted," Brusius explained.