Awarded in France

Ceramic protects paints: KeraPaint awarded in France

During the French exhibition "Convention Soccoda" Profitec KeraPaint from Meffert AG has been awarded by "Fondation Maud Fontenay" as exemplary, innovative product. This foundation for environment and nature is engaged in protecting the world's oceans and annually invites its about 1.300 members and suppliers of Soccoda to vote for the most innovative products.

Maud Fontenay (32) a very popular french water-sports athlete and eponym of this foundation handed-over the award to Fabien Lutz, commercial director of our french subsidiary, Meffert France SAS.

Reason for the award: KeraPaint has ceramic particles in the binder of the paint, avoiding long-term that the paint absorbs dust particles from external air. Thus possible contaminations will only occur loosely on the surface and can easily be removed with water and cloth or even a brush.

In addition, KeraPaint is extremely scrub- and stain resistant, has excellent levelling properties and clears possible roughness of the ground.

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