• Meffert AG thermal insulation composite systems are gaining momentum nationwide: Up to 16 tonnes of adhesive and reinforcing mortar and, if required, Mineral finishing plasters are transported to the construction site. The flow mixer integrated in the silo enables processing directly on site.

  • A well-rounded solution: Rounded facade elements give modern architecture more scope for design. These can be easily achieved with the ETIC systems from Meffert AG Farbwerke.


Climate protection does not leave us cold

Climate activism gives ETICS new impetus

A 16-year-old Swedish teenager inspires thousands of schoolchildren to take to the streets on Fridays. More and more voters are concerned about the environment and demand effective measures against climate change. The topic even became a crucial issue in the European elections. An important starting point in climate protection is thermal insulation because a great deal of energy is consumed to heat buildings. Property owners who want to reduce heating costs and release less CO2 can achieve both by insulating their property professionally.

Against this background, Meffert AG has decided to focus more on the ETICS sector. For the benefit of customers and users, The ETICS expertise of the three brands ProfiTec Therm, DinoTherm and Tex-Therm has been brought together and concentrated in one specialist department – under the direction of Bernhard Theis and Bryan Irmscher. The department is responsible for order processing for the entire Meffert AG and will make optimum use of the resulting synergies.

On the agenda, for example, was the optimisation of construction site and silo logistics. For these tasks, a powerful partner was engaged to ensure, with the help of their special vehicles, efficient and optimally timed deliveries of Meffert systems to construction sites throughout Germany.

In addition to optimising logistics, the system products were technically enhanced as well. With one of the few building authority approvals for the particularly efficient polyurethane insulation matreial, Meffert AG has already been able to implement some impressive projects. PIR (polyisocyanurate) is now available as a further development of the classic rigid polyurethane foam, which is characterised above all by high compressive strenth, temperature resistance and improved thermal conductivity.

Additionally, ETICS facades in Meffert system construction can now also be realised with ceramic cladding. As a result, clinker brick houses retain their typical charm after refurbishment, and planners have more freedom of design. This is also extended by various creative plastering techniques: In addition to classic surfaces, broom, comb or stencil techniques can also be applied to thermally insulated facades.

Optimum delivery conditions, advanced products, individuality and thermal comfort: not only dealers, processors and clients benefit from the new ETICS strategy. After all, the many new arguments that will convince more and more homeowners are above all beneficial to the environment and thus to the future of our planet.