Excellent whiteness

ÖKO-TEST: 'very good' for düfa Superweiss plus


In 2011 düfa Superweiss plus was already rated as 'very good' by the magazine ÖKO-TEST. Success oblige: You can continue to count on the constantly high quality of the product. düfa has repeatedly convinced the experts from the critical consumer magazine of the great quality of düfa Superweiss plus. Once more the high performance interior paint received the grade 'very good'.

For the recently released issue "ÖKO-TEST Ratgeber Bauen und Wohnen" 16 water-based white wall paints were tested in regard to their ingredients and declaration. The magazine states that the test results encourage renovating. This time düfa Superweiss plus also received a 'very good' in the category 'declaration' for its improved detailed and reliable information.




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