• All attendants of the seminar at a glance, with Jürgen Wagner, CEO of the GHF.

  • Everything is prepared in the new training classroom, which is used to impart theoretic knowledge to the trainees.

  • Gerhard Oeser and Sascha Schmitt (application technology consultants) passed on their knowledge to the new generation.

  • The trainees did not lose time getting hands-on practice implementing their new knowledge.


Factory visit

GHF practice day for trainees

This year Meffert AG was represented once more in a seminar of the Federation of Wholesalers for Trade in Paint, Wall- and Floor-Coverings (GHF), this time with a course on material solutions. 21 trainees attended the seminar programme, who came to the company’s headquarters in Bad Kreuznach on 3 February 2016.

To start off the seminar day, the participants learned the company history of Meffert AG. The theoretical foundations of the 2016 seminar were later deepened in the area “Timber and metal substrates”. In the course of the day the trainees got hands-on practice implementing what they had learned. They were also explained the making of a paint, that is its development from raw materials to loading the finished goods. A factory tour through the production and logistics buildings delivered a wealth of useful knowledge. A final discussion was met with positive response, and no questions remained unanswered.