• Ronald Große und Dieter Meffert vor der Rotary XXL Abfüllmaschine

    The machine is running! Dr. Ronald Große (Assistant to the Technical Director) and Dieter Meffert (Technical Director) in front of the new ROTARY XXL from Grunwald.

  • Die Sicherheitsfolie schützt vor dem Eintrocknen.

    Ground-breaking solution: A safety film between the product and the lid.

  • The heart of sealing: Meffert AG Farbwerke has invested in a compact "rotary machine" with servo-controlled filling for the Bad Kreuznach production line. The new system from Grunwald GmbH operates up to 30 per cent faster than the previous machine and can seal each container with a safety film.

  • Durch die Sicherheitsfolie trocknet keine Farbe an den sauberen Deckeln

    Remove the foil and get started: Handling is easy. After opening the paint bucket, the "SIFO" safety film can be easily removed in one piece.

  • Die neue Sicherheitsfolie schützt die Farbe vor dem Eintrocknen und hält die Deckel sauber

    Dried-on adhesions on the container lid, and thus paint crumbs in the fresh paint, are nearly impossible with the "SIFO" safety film.


Investment in ground-breaking sealing technology

Meffert AG solves one of the oldest problems since paint has been in buckets

When Member of the Board of Directors Dieter Meffert returned from the trade fair FACHPACK in November 2019, one thought never left his mind: safety film-sealed paint buckets. His vision became reality.

Meffert AG is the first paint manufacturer to solve one of the oldest problems in the paint industry: quality reduction due to dried lid adhesions in the form of paint crumbs in freshly opened paint buckets. The first "SIFO" containers have been coming off the production line since December. The test markets that were stocked gave exclusively positive feedback and rewarded the new safety film with great acceptance.

"We are also becoming even more compliant with the stricter guidelines for the use of preservatives, as we are packaging and sealing with a technology from the sensitive food industry. This combination is unique in our industry," adds project manager Dr Ronald Große, Assistant to the Technical Director of Meffert AG Farbwerke.

You can find out more about the development phase of SIFO technology at Meffert AG Farbwerke in an interview with Dr Ronald Große (in German language).