• Factory premises Colorificio Casati Spa.


Market position in Italy expanded

Meffert AG Farbwerke and an Italian Partner are taking over Colorificio Casati Spa in Verona/Italy

With retroactive effect as from January 1st 2016 Meffert AG Farbwerke, together with an Italian partner, has acquired 100% of the shares in Casati Aktiengesellschaft (Stock Company), a successful medium-sized manufacturer of architectural paints, in order to extend its already good position on the Italian market.

Casati Spa is currently one of the top 10 manufacturers on the Italian market and employs a total of 58 people. Additionally, 20 representatives are selling the products on the Italian market. Sales amounting to EUR 14 million are planned for the commercial year 2016.

The company occupies a strong market position in the field of tinting systems. A total of 400 mixing machines have been installed with customers across the country. Pastes and foundations are manufactured autonomously. Current export sales of ca. 25% are correspondingly high.

It is the aim of Meffert AG to utilise the available capacities to a greater extent and introduce Casati Spa’s products to new sales markets. The professional painter is also to be approached via the wholesale trade.

The current managing partners Antonio and Bruno Casati are leaving the company and entering their well-earned retirements. Both will continue to be available to the new partners in an advisory capacity.