• [Translate to Englisch:] Glücklicher Wechsel: Guido Borowski (l) freut sich auf die schöne Zeit danach und Tobias Becker (r) baut den engen Austausch zwischen Marketingabteilung und Kunden weiter aus.


Rejuvenation of Meffert AG continues

Company group sets the course for the future

Benedikt Merz succeeded Karlheinz Wirth at the end of 2019, Stefan Gorczynski in spring 2020. Carsten Bollert was appointed to the Executive Board in autumn 2019 to strengthen the team. With the new head of marketing, Meffert AG's rejuvenation for a secure future continues.

Since 24 June 2020, Tobias Becker (43) has been responsible for strategic marketing planning and implementation at Meffert AG Farbwerke. He succeeds Guido Borowski (63), who, after 26 years of successful marketing work, has started into his well-deserved "active retirement" with new tasks of the heart.

"When we made our choice, it was important to us that the future head of marketing knows the industry and its mechanisms," says Klaus Meffert, CEO of Meffert AG Farbwerke.

Tobias Becker worked for the market leader of the paint industry for 14 years. His last position was head of marketing management. With him, Meffert AG is very well-positioned in view of the sharp increase in the scope and complexity of the entire public and digital presence.