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Review: 'Nacht der Ausbildung'

23 May 2014, 5 p.m. - 10 p.m.

We are looking back on a successful 'Nacht der Ausbildung' (= 'Night of Vocational Training'). Meffert AG was able to give about one hundred pupils and parents insights into the apprenticed professions available at Meffert AG in Bad Kreuznach.

Information booths provided detailed background knowledge on each vocational training we offer (industrial clerk, logistics technician, IT specialist, paint laboratory assistant, machine operator). Flyers, brochures and specific equipment such as a hand lift truck, or workstations including a virtual network, created a closeness to the respective professions. Visitors had the chance to play 'Wheel of Fortune" and win a soccer merchandise item - each try won a prize.

Many positive personal conversations were encouraging to find appropriate prospects for apprenticeships and internships that Meffert AG has to offer.