• Steady into a new future at Meffert AG

  • Support, trust, orientation – learning through play what is important in future professional life.

  • Stamina and endurance – very valuable at work, too.


Training with a colourful future

Contented apprentices are more successful

Meffert AG now offers apprenticeships in over ten different professions at four of its German locations. Our take-over rate over the last five years is 82%. This puts us above average. Binding future prospects, fair apprentice salaries and the genuine spirit of a family-run company with an international orientation make training at Meffert AG a stepping stone to a happy professional life.

From the very first week, our apprenticeships are more than "run-of-the-mill".

The eventful introductory week of our new 2020 apprentices is over. As always, it was filled with fun and educational activities. In the article "Spitzenjahrgang" (in German) you can read what we offer our apprentices. On facebook they get to have their own say.

To ensure that they have a firm foothold in our company, there is a second anchor besides the introductory week: our mentoring programme. For the first three months, each new apprentice is assigned a companion from the second year of training. In this way, the "newbies" are introduced to the community of apprentices in a friendly way. Social contacts grow organically and many everyday questions can be answered at eye level. Through this support we have a strong community of apprentices, who have a voice in our company.